Our Story

In the fall of 2007, our rescue Saint Bernard Roly Poly was diagnosed with cancer. As I searched for a replacement farm dog, I was attracted to the Leonberger because as a groomer, I felt that with his coat color he didn't need to be constantly cleaned and maintained. He came to the farm as a pet, but I quickly realized his potential as a show dog and eventually grand champion. 

I began showing Mason in 2008-2009 in the American Rare Breed Association, and then in American Kennel Club shows when the breed was recognized in 2010. Through showing Mason I further fell in love with the Leonberger breed. Mason climbed the showing ranks, and received his Grand Champion in September, 2010.  

Heike came to Masonhaus in 2009 and Koosa in 2011. The first Masonhaus litter came in October 2013, when Koosa and Heike had a litter of seven puppies. From this litter, Halo stayed at Masonhaus and has grown to be a Champion as well as earning her Rally Novice, Advanced, and Excellent titles. 

 Tindra came to Masonhaus in early 2013 and had her first litter of two puppies in June of 2015. Thelma stayed at Masonhaus from this litter and and has earned her Champion as well as Rally Novice titles. As well as being a champion momma to her puppies, Tindra has earned her Bronze Grand Champion title.  The most recent (and largest by far!) Masonhaus litter came in April of 2016 from Koosa and Tindra. Tindra brought twelve beautiful puppies to the Masonhaus family. Meadow and Liberty stayed at Masonhaus from the C litter and are working toward their Champion titles.