Violet - C Litter


"We have had Leonbergers from different breeders for over twenty-five years. Our current Leo, Violet, is now two years old from Masonhaus Leos C litter. When we met Karen we knew we had found a breeder who genuinely cared for her dogs. Karen was friendly, informative and willing to answer any questions we had. Since that time our relationship with Karen has become one of close friendship. She asks how Violet is doing and wants to make sure she is doing well. She even stops by periodically to say hello to her! Karen grooms both Violet and Sasha, our female rescue dog from Tennessee. When we go on vacation we board the ”girls” with Karen. If you are looking for the perfect companion, or want to learn a little more about the breed I would highly recommend contacting Karen."  - Sheriff Ed Rochford (Ret.)

Walden - C Litter


"Karen is unlike any breeder we’ve ever worked with- we can turn to her with questions any time, even though our guy is already two years old. She’s a member of our family now. It’s been so great to be in contact with the rest of Walden’s littermates as well - we love keeping track of everyone." - Walden's family

Ares - C Litter


"We could not be happier to have a Leo from Karen. From the very first time we talked with her, we knew that she cared about her dogs and their puppies more than anyone else we had spoken with. Her pups are truly part of her family, and their puppies are no different. "Momma Karen" has been there for us any time we have a question, and if she doesn't have an answer ready, she will make sure she finds one for us. We were blown away by the amazing temperaments of both Koosa and Tindra, and Ares is no different. Ares is such a fun-loving pup and is constantly complimented for his laid-back and easy-going temperament - even as a young puppy! We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Karen and Masonhaus Leos, and would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing family dog!"  - Alex, Emma & Ares